The Energy Design of Buildings

I illustrated a book!

Well it’s not the first time, but this one is an order and it was edited by someone else, ie by Afnor Éditions 😉

Pascal Lenormand, the author, who is among other things a thermal engineer and known for his blog Incub’, asked me to draw the diagrams and ideas of his book on The Energy Design of Buildings/a>

But what is The Energy Design of Buildings?

If I summarize in my own way, I would say that it is simply the art of taking into account the future inhabitants designing and building a construction 😉

I quote:

What is involved is therefore to stop considering the building alone as the object of study, but rather the couple user / building as a whole. It requires nothing less than adding to a certain technical know-how (in energy, thermal envelopes, system design, etc.) a broad component of social skills.

So it’s a technical book, but not only for building technicians and thermists, but also for architects and residents!

And in addition it’s pleasant to read, and full of notes of humor!

And what did you do?

So I drew diagrams in ink, in other words with black lines (except the cover), but also all kinds of humanistic ideas on socials skills, on what is energy, usage, the feeling of warmth, sobriety, little jokes and many other things …

And here are some examples!

But of course not all of them…

It’s in frecnh, but to read it fully, you can order here!

Thanks again to Pascal Lenormand and the whole team of Afnor Éditions to bring me to this project!


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