The Aboriginal Painting, my first illustrations for a board game

by Camille Bissuel

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Aboriginal Adéon

During this year 2016, one of my biggest occupation was illustrating and doing layout for the first board game by Alice & Gédéon and its author Séverine Fourel, in her new product line "Art course", I named… "The Aboriginal Painting" !

external box

It was the first time I illustrated a board game, and I'm telling you today because finally everything is ready, after months of work, the game is published ! But I'm afraid the game is only in French…

All right, but what is this game?

Painting studio Photo : Agnès Beaudoin

It's an educational game aimed at children aged 8 to 12 who want to explore their creativity and in particular to paint in the way of Australian aborigines.

The box contain 4 boxes full of stuff, for children, but also for parents which accompanies :

Painting studio Photo : Agnès Beaudoin

And you, what have you done?

illustration Aborigène

The game was conceived and written by Séverine Fourel, boxes conception and design is by Philippe Perez of Meta6, and I shaped their ideas with layout and illustrations for all the documents, the covers and the boxes, passing by playing cards:

British Museum card Illustration of the game card British Museum

Art Thief card Illustration of the game card Art Thief

Logo Alice & Gédéon

We also designed a graphic chart and logo for the Alice & Gédéon brand, as well as a mascot: a small ampersand character (&) named "Adéon":

Adéon painter

Adéon hang-glider

And I also assumed the artistic direction of Alice & Gédéon's website, created by Xslato, also making mock-ups, icons, avatars…

Hmm, not bad, and if I want to make a Christmas present?

The game receives first orders on this presentation page for 54 € (relatively to playing time and equipment, it's cheap;)).

Otherwise, you can be inspired by drawings of young creators, and jump to your sketchbooks to make aboriginal painting!

Sketchbook cover The sketchbook cover




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