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What is a nylnook ?

Encouraging nylnook A nylnook is a gnome coming from the north pole. He lives in the Inuits's Nuna territory. He protects scientific expeditions living hidden in igloos or transports. He regularly provokes small funny incidents to show humans how to avoid Arctic's dangers.
When an expedition end, he travels for a long time trough the pole, by foots and on animals backs, to find new humans to help.
Times to times, he sabotage some human expedition if he discover they want to destroy his territory, for example petroleum exploration expeditions.
You will discover sneak peeks of his adventures in the pictures of this website !

The author

Camille Bissuel I'm , a French illustrator. After some years as a computer graphics generalist, I specialize in digital illustration, for additional visual creativity!
I answer your picture needs, to present your identity, your projects, or events that are important to you heart on the media you want.
Techniques and styles I use are varied: traditional, digital painting, vector drawing, photo realistic or fancy 3D renderings. And I'm working only with free and open source software (Krita, Blender, Inkscape, Gimp, Scribus...) since years.
I work as a freelance from home, hosted administratively by my cooperative, with a computer running with Linux, and a Wacom tablet.

Photo by Elisa de Castro Guerra

Why free (as in freedom) software ?

A free (as in freedom) software is a software you can :

In addition to the philosophical choice, there are three reasons behind my choice of free software, despite my initial training on the Adobe suite and 3ds Max.

Training on computer graphics with free software

Alongside the creative aspects, I can offer training on demand about my everyday tools or my techniques. I am also co-author of three manuals on the subject with the french Floss Manuals association (Scribus which as been translated in English,Blender pour le jeu vidéo on the Blender Game Engine) and Creating Point and Click Games with Escoria.

Training content is examined with students beforehand. Courses combine theory and practice, starting with some theory and giving an overview before details. The practice is both exercise and develop custom projects, depending on the time we have.

Some examples of customized training:

Wallpapers under Creative Commons licences

You guessed it, this website is primarily a portfolio.

But this project is also an attempt to live from my artwork, and contribute back to the Free and open source world in my own way! I'm creating wallpapers for yours computers and mobile devices up to an 8K definition (8192x8192 pixels), under Creative Commons licenses.

Creative Commons licenses are alternatives to copyright as it is currently set. They were created taking into account the fact that intellectual property is fundamentally different from physical property, and noting that copyright as it exists today is an obstacle to the spread of culture. They aim at providing a legal tool to ensures both the protection of author's rights on an artistic work and the free flow of this work, In order to allow authors to contribute to a heritage accessible to everyone. So you can always download and copy the wallpapers I offer freely, and in many cases even for commercial use, often on the simple condition to quote the author, yours truly.

I hope to offer my illustrations as wallpapers will allow to all those who like them to see them as long as they like on their favourite display... which is also the tableau that we look most often today. And of course nothing prevents to print it!

Contact details

Nylnook / Camille Bissuel
1480 route de Corréo
05400 La Roche-des-Arnauds
0033 6 75 25 90 39
welcome at nylnook point com




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