The author

I’m Camille Bissuel, a French illustrator, comic and game author, based in the Southern Alps.
Techniques and styles I use are varied: traditional, digital painting, vector drawing, photo realistic or fancy 3D renderings. And I’m working only with free and open source software (Krita, Blender, Inkscape, Gimp, Scribus…) since years. I work as a freelance from home with a computer running with Linux, and a Wacom tablet.

I also participated in writing several free as in freedom manuals for free softwares with the association Floss manuals francophone : Scribus, Blender pour le jeu vidéo, Creating Point and Click Games with Escoria, Blender pour le montage vidéo.

What is a nylnook ?

A nylnook is a gnome coming from the north pole. He lives in the Inuits’s Nuna territory. He protects scientific expeditions living hidden in igloos or transports. He regularly provokes small funny incidents to show humans how to avoid Arctic’s dangers.
When an expedition end, he travels for a long time trough the pole, by foots and on animals backs, to find new humans to help.
Times to times, he sabotage some human expedition if he discover they want to destroy his territory, for example petroleum exploration expeditions.
You will discover sneak peeks of his adventures in the pictures of this website !



I no longer take orders as a freelance to focus on my personal projects. However I also work part-time in the print shop À l’atelier in Gap, and I could realize your illustrations or your printed projects if you contact me there.


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