Distant Dials – Avatar Generator and Beta Test

Here’s a drawing challenge, an avatar generator for Distant Dials, our free video game with Nomys_Tempar : you draw pieces of characters, mix them, and you have the surprise to discover an unexpected combination : with 3 factions, 3 genres, noses, eyes, mouths and accessories… if I counted correctly there are 281,250 possibilities 🤪🤪🤪!

I’ve pushed the envelope to make a web version of it, just for fun: have fun, try it and choose your avatar!

Distant Dials is ready to be released, even if there are probably still bugs to discover: we are in a second testing period, where you are invited to come and try it and give us your feedback until January 24th.
Contrary to the first session, there is no more time limit, as we can now start the game alone if too few people are online.
This beta is the opportunity to collect your opinions and feedback on Distant Dials! To do so, a pad is available for filling in : https://etherpad.alolise.org/p/DD_beta2021

To retrieve the game it’s this way: https://nomys-tempar.itch.io/distant-dials/download/D34bSuVyBpdRpDB4GmYjhkEXOzNoWrbA4ajoFaIO
The website (still under construction) is still there : https://burmilla.alolise.org

For those who did not participate in the first session, here is the introductory text below:
“One day of the solar year 2875, you wake up from your third sleep cycle to find your house plunged into darkness. The Maker, your personal central computer, does not give you the usual local and external news. It does not inform you about your daily schedule either. The neural implant is, for the first time in your life, silent.
You follow the emergency light to the nearest terminal.the Maker still works, but it only shows an outdated 2D emergency interface.
What’s going on?”
A game of Distant Dials lasts less than 5min and the game is entirely in English.