If you like my work, you can talk about it, share it on social networks to make it known … it’s the most important and useful for me!

The longest and most time-consuming projects are comics, books and games, but I also do illustrations or press drawings.

The Online Shop

This is where you can order items printed with my illustrations, 25% of the price goes to me.

Order a printed comic book or pay an ebook

This is another way to help me, and it’s happening here or here 😉


You can also choose to finance my work with small donations on Tipeee:

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What is the difference between signing up to the Newsletter and behind the scenes posts in the Tipeee News ?

I’ll post the same things in the newsletters and in the Tipeee news open to all, but the sketch, scenario and unfulfilled things we can still change will only be published in the news reserved to tippers.

I prefer to support you with micro-donations without rewards, is it possible ?

Yes, I’ve created a Liberapay profil if you prefer, even if the main one will be the Tipeee one.