The Hidden Part of the World

I have the pleasure to announce you, quite late, the release of a french book of a friend, Eve Gabrielle, where I had the honor to make a small illustration … It came out on September 2, 2021 at the publisher La mer salée, it is called “La part cachée du monde“, The Hidden Part of the World.

Here is the translated text of the back cover to make you want to read it in french:

In a “torn” France, communities enter in resistance against the digital and security drift, to inhabit the world in symbiosis with the living.

In the north of a “tear” from Bordeaux to Annecy, Greenlife reigns as absolute master: drones, puçage, privatization of the living. A subtle digital police state. In the South, clandestine communities are reinventing a post-modern and pastoral society, free, frugal and creative, with underground cities, a life in close relationship with the animal and vegetable kingdom.

Sienna and her brother are on the run to “the free world”, fleeing the North and its dying forests to join Larzac and their grandmother, an eminent botanist. Why is a powerful plastic recycler trying to stop them? What is in their book on plants, bequeathed by their mother with her last breath? Is there a part of the world that must remain hidden?

This is a book I read over and over again when it was still being written, so it is precious to me…I can only recommend you take this journey into one of our possible futures.

And here is a bonus illustration that didn’t find its way into this book, I’ll let you guess what it is while reading it!


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