Back from Dakar

Since a week, I returned from Dakar where I was invited by the International Organization of la Francophonie to conduct training on Blender and video post-production during 5 days (from October 27 to 31) for 10 Senegalese audiovisual trainers (see the official announcement).

We have spoken about Blender, its video editor, its node editor for calibration, overlay and matte painting, video tracking, the Tears of Steel short film and many other things …

It was a very intense experience for me, in a country, a continent and a culture that I discovering, not to mention that it was also the first time I trained trainers and not “beginners”.

An sight of the magnificent facade in the courtyard of Kër Thiossane

I had three additional days to visit a little the town and its islands (Gorée, Ngor) and meet the locals (in the broad sense) at Kër Thiossane, a home for multimedia, arts and culture … with his Fablab at two blocks.
They even invited me to a small workshop on Blender and modelling this time. 😉

There would be a lot to tell, but in summary it is always ideal to get to know a country with its inhabitants, and the Senegalese are really welcoming.

A special thank you to Christian Ambaud, Marion Louisgrand Sylla and Modou Ngom. Hope to see you next time!

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