Back online and in arts!

Finally, a year later, I’m back writing to you on my website …!

Web site failure

About a year ago, in February 2018, my website crashed: DocPad, the engine of my site stopped to work after an update. I soon learned it wasn’t supported anymore. It was a small project that I liked to generate a static site, but I was without possibility of publishing overnight, and I could not even tell you.

With these constraints (water damage, contracts as a freelancer, part-time hiring, family life, community life …!) I had to postpone my personal creative projects for one year. And completely redone this website with WordPress, which is so well known and supported that it will not let me down!

The transformation of the website site took me months because there were a lot of technical constraints: two languages, a lot of images to highlight, a newsletter, a lot of content and metadata, and I even had to code a WordPress plugin for my comic player and a player for a “video game” with Godot …

Do you see all the small changes? How do you like it?

There have been some renunciations: I dropped the illustrations that were also downloadable as wallpaper because I have the impression that it was little used and it’s complicated to set up. If you insist I can try to redo this;)

But there are also many improvements that offer me a dynamic site: it will be faster to publish, to broadcast on social networks, I will be able to host myself my newsletter and my comments, which means more privacy for you and tracking, in agreement with the GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation).

By the way, the RSS feed changed address: it was, it became …. don’t forget to update if you use it!

I will in the coming weeks “retro-publish” the articles that I should have published in 2018 … because I did a lot of things that I did not show you!

And job change!

In March 2018, I was also hired half-time as a graphic designer (and illustrator) in a print shop: À l’atelier (literally “At the workshop”), in Gap. After a year I can say that I am well in the team and that I will stay there. And I recently decided to give up my freelance activity to find time for my creative projects.

It means two things:

  1. If you want to make me work, it will now go through À l’atelier
  2. I will be able to do comics, games and illustration part time, defining myself my priorities, a real luxury!

My artistic projects, after this year of forced break, will be able to revive. 😉

I apologize for making you wait so long … and I hope to catch up now that I have time and space to create again!

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