Good News for Spring

When there is good news, it’s always nice to share them, so I don’t deny myself anything good: things take shape for me and comics during this spring!

First of all, I’m happy to announce that I have made good progress on Episode 1 of Mokatori, and I think I will publish it early July. The episode is 26 pages long, I’m in the final stage of creation, inking and coloring (one third is done, two thirds remains to be finished). This timeframe is realistic, and I have to keep it because I promised to present Mokatori for the Libre Software Meeting (RMLL) from the 1st to the 7th July in St-Étienne, France, with a conference and an exhibition!
Another month and a half to wait for you, I apologize for this big delay, which was full of teachings for me.

In the meantime, I will also fill in an application file with the Raymond Leblanc Foundation, to maybe (who knows?) get a grant to devote myself (almost) full time to comics, and to Mokatori in particular. I have to make this file for May 31, and this gave me the opportunity to prepare a gallery of all the characters of all the episodes of Mokatori, here they are:

It also gave me the opportunity to draw 5 collectible cards for the “Free Comics Book Days” at the invitation of the Comics Art Card association, which presented them to the bookstore Comics Zone in Lyon this Saturday May 6th:

But that does not stop there, because I received the first translation of one of my comics in a language that I do not know: Patrick Béchard translated “Climate Change Explained to Frogs” in Breton! I have just published this translation here, and he also publish it on his website (click on “Petra Nevez?”) 😉
A thousand thanks to him!

Finally, the Municipal Office of Culture of Maisons-Alfort (in France) and its cultural center, proposed to show pages of Mokatori during their next exhibition “France-Germany Comics, Comparative Looks of Emerging Artists”, from 24 May to 3 June, after having already shown part of my work at a previous exhibition “BD-Manga-Comics, Pictures that speak to you” from March 21 to April 29.
I could not get there, but it seems that it has been very successful, and if you are not too far away, I invite you to go to the next one! Thanks to Anne Louvard for showing my work!

In short, this spring blossom for me and I feel more and more like an author of comics…
Remember, if you want to support me in continuing Mokatori, I opened a Tipeee page, to experiment with a new form of artist funding: Fan based patronage!

See you soon!

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