#mask4change How to make an illustrated mask?

The adventure of illustrating masks will have lasted for me the time of lock-down and un-lock-down, I announce you that I stop there this series: I made 22 illustrations in two languages, and I return to my other projects.

But one of the objectives was to be able to wear these masks, so to make them. After a lot of research and reflection, I propose two solutions:

Option 1: Order them online

The easiest and quickest way for you is probably to order them online, as I just opened a shop on Redbubble, especially to make my masks available.

They are non-medical models with a simple design, which will be printed and made on demand: no stock, no waste. They are adult-sized masks, with double layer of fabric. They are not organic or GOTS certified fabric, but Redbubble still makes environmental and social efforts. And 25% of the purchase price goes to me, so it’s also a way to encourage my work 😉

I considered several hypotheses before proposing this, and I came to the conclusion that I didn’t have the time and the means to organize a shop at home with orders, to stock them and to resell them, even with partners and having explored the possibilities, Redbubble is therefore the best compromise at the moment. I stick to my job: drawing!

Option 2: make them yourself

However, if you know how to sew, you can also choose to make the masks yourself at home! Thanks to Christine, Amélie, Émilie at Ma Polloche and Mélanie at Mélilange for their help, advice and expertise. I’m just telling you what I learned from them.

home made mask Camille
Thanks to Christine for making me this mask!

1/ Get the image

For each mask I have provided the corresponding illustration, so you can save the image :

2/ Print the image according to the dimensions of your pattern

To print you have two possibilities:

  1. Use your personal printer and a special printable cloth sheet like this one. This is not cheap, make a test on paper beforehand to check the dimensions of the printout against your mask pattern!
  2. Place an order for printed fabric to a screen printer or a printer specializing in fabric. Rather if you make at least a dozen masks. Again, pay close attention to the dimensions, margins, etc.

3/ Sew the mask

I’ve been recommended to the Afnor pattern to make your mask. It is to scale 1, and there are several dimensions, adults and children, and everything is explained step by step on their website to make it. Closed the drawing will be partially hidden because of the two folds, but it will be almost entirely visible once on your face.

All that’s left to do is to wear your illustrated mask 😉

You have the choice to show the world the future you want!