#mask4change : Snail Planet

Today I begin to draw the world I wish to see born tomorrow on the masks everyone will have to wear. Because History rarely offers us such a beautiful chance to show on our faces that it is time to change the world. Because after the virus is waiting for us climatic collapses and we have waited too long.

Today I am posing, tomorrow it may be you, and maybe we can make and wear these washable cloth masks printed in the street tomorrow, and show everyone around us that we want these profound changes.

To participate and to show too that you don’t want to start over like before the Covid19 :
1/ Send me a photo of your face from the front or 3/4 where your eyes are visible and sharp, on a plain background if possible, with as much pixels as possible
2/ If you want, give me a fight, an idea, a theme, a word or a sentence that you would like to wear on your face for the future, and I will draw you an illustrated mask.
3/ Confirm to me in writing that you agree to publish your photo.
4/ All that’s left to do is use it as a profile picture, pass the drawn picture around, distribute it with the hashtag #mask4change, make some noise!


5/ You can also draw yourself your #mask4change mask and show it!

I count on you, as Gandhi said: be the change you want to see in the world!


And here’s a picture of the snail planet alone if you want to reuse it: