The Frogs as an Accessible Album

Last week-end, Alain L. contacted me because he wanted to adapt my comic “Climate Change Explained to Frogs” as an “Accessible Album“, as the Creative Commons By-Sa License allow him to do so.

But what is an “Accessible Album”?
Simply the same comic inside an easy to use interface for peoples with motor or visual disabilities that would prevent them from turning the book, turning pages or reading an often too small text : to the images thus adds an audio text, along with a music in this case…

You can download the software here: it’s coded by Bernard Beville for the “idée” association. For now it only works for Windows, but a Linux version is planned.
And the album adapted frogs is available here on the website
Once the two zip files are downloaded, you must unzip them both, then put the folder “Grenouilles” in the “albums” folder of the “Album accessible” folder and launch the software using the .exe.
I’m sorry, it’s all in french… but hopefully the icons are clear enough.

So, thanks to the voice of Alain L., and the “Stincilla” music by Jean Michel and Alain L. Trimaille, my frogs now have a french audio version, with the delicious regional accent of Alain, under the same free license!

I let you listen (sorry it’s only in french, but you may be curious):

Thank you Alain for this adaptation work, which I hope will help new readers who weren’t able to until now, to read my comic!

So what do you think of the album and/or audio version, even in French?
Do you feel like making the English version?
Feel free to leave a comment 😉