Work as a graphic designer with free software

D-BookeR Editions, more specifically Patricia Moncorgé, interviewed me on my work !

It’s in french, but you are welcome to read the automaticaly translated interview if you’re intersted.

As a pitch, the questions :

You work under Linux with free software: is what it has always been the case? What motivated you to enter Libre?

Does it feel sometimes a problem? Under what circumstances?

How’s it going with your customers? What formats do you deliver them your illustrations? They know that you work with free software?

Could you tell us what software you use most often and for what purpose?

Many designers are reluctant to work with free software because they fear losing features, more complexity. What would you say to them? Should you be a little geek to use it?

What other free software do you use currently? How do you make your bills, for example?

Do you contribute in one form or another in one of the software that you use?

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