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Mokatori - Ep. 1 - Business as Usual

And if the inhabitants of tomorrow sent us letters?

From 2054 to 2084, from Iceland to Afghanistan, from cataclysms to utopias, five stories draw our possible futures during the "Mokatori", the word for climate change among Amazonian Indians
Ep. 0 - "The End" - Mexico City, Mexico, November 27, 2015
Ep. 1 - "Business as Usual" - Reykjavik, Iceland, March 20, 2054
Ep. 2 - "Time Machine" - Taipei, 臺北市, Taiwan, November 13, 2084
Ep. 3 - "In the Shade of Fig Trees" - Farsala, Φάρσαλα, Greece, July 17, 2077
Ep. 4 - "Masters of the Stratosphere" - Walvis Bay, Namibia, February 29, 2060
Ep. 5 - "Living" - Kunduz, کندز, Afghanistan, April 3, 2072

What will our world look like in 37 years?
Here it is "Business as Usual" after 6 months of Trump government and after confirmation that the 6th mass extinction of animals is accelerating.
It's up to us to change History!

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