Free Software Leading the People

On Saturday 26 March in Gap, the Linux Alps association is organizing jointly with the Fab’Alpes the 15th edition of Libre en fête (celebrating Freedom), coordinated nationally in France by the April.

Translation: Saturday 26 March, Celebrating Freedom, No digital republic without free software, in Gap

We learn better from the old masters… I hope Eugène Delacroix will not turn in his grave for this copy of “Liberty Leading the People”!

I leave you recognize all the characters, but you can find: Tux, the penguin, the Linux mascot dressed in mountaineer by Linux Alps, the Fab’Alpes marmot, the gnu from the Gnu project at the origin of the free software movement, Firefox mascot, LibreOffice logo… and I did not need to present those laying down !

If you want to redo the visual or poster to another free software event, you can contact me so I can send you the source files (I can not let it permanently available, because the Krita original file is over a gigabyte).

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