Radical Dreaming

Our future is beyond installing solar panels ! Can’t we imagine a future with humans instead of a future with technologies ?

Invited by David Holyoake, who I met at the PlaceToB Creative Factory in Paris during COP21, I’m joining Swarm Dynamics, a “new international community of artists, experts, creatives, dreamers, and change makers. We have come together to create new ways to shift the mainstream understanding of what is possible, to help re-invigorate smart campaigns about climate and system change, and link these to the mainstream through the power of arts and culture” (I can’t say it better !).

For one of the most interesting page of the new website, the “Radical Dreaming” one, David asked me to create an adapted artwork for the background image… Which seemed challenging to me, but by reading “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible” by Charles Eisenstein, and with the David’s guidance, I was able to train my imagination in envisioning a positive future despite the depressing climate change facts! And here is the result…

And by the way, to imagine a positive future is a really good healing process in our depressed world, I invite you to try 😉